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smallposter_compliance As difficult it is to watch Craig Zobel’s Compliance, it’s even harder to watch after learning that it’s closely based on true events.

An uncomfortable film that had me squirming in my seat, unable to watch the screen at times; Compliance is just as brilliant as it is disturbing. A dramatisation of a real life crime, where a young fast food employee is subject to humiliation and brutality at the hands of her manager, all thanks to a telephone call from the police and accusation of theft. A quiet horror film, Zobel’s real-life bad guy is one of the most despicable characters from modern cinema.

Watching Compliance is like watching a reworking of the Milgram experiment, and just like the famed psychology case; it will get under your skin and leave you questioning humanity afterwards.


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  • Fernando Quintero
    September 30, 2013

    Great review. This film has eluded me so far, despite much buzz last year! I’ll try to see it soon.

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