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smallposter_frame_sevenpsychopathsEven though I didn’t get around to publishing my write-up of Seven Psychopaths after seeing it last year, one of the stars of the film still made it into my review of the 2012. Bonnie the Shih Tzu won the title of cutest dog, beating Frankenweenie, Sorry, Scotty and even Woola. Having recent re-watched Martin McDonagh’s critically acclaimed hit, and melting all over again over Bonnie, I thought it was about time I confessed to the internet my thoughts about the rest of the film.

All that struggling writer Marty (Colin Farrell) wants to do is finish his screenplay: “Seven Psychopaths”. Best friend Billy (Sam Rockwell), an unemployed actor and part-time dog thief, will go to any means necessary to help his friend. Marty just needs to a little inspiration, and concentration to focus on his writing. When Billy’s partner in crime Hans (Christopher Walken) steals a psychopathic gangster’s dog, Bonnie; Marty gets all the inspiration and drive he needs to finish his work. That is, if the violent and unpredictable dog-lover Charlie (Woody Harrelson) doesn’t kill everyone first.

Seven Psychopaths is a brilliantly clever, snarky and, at times, hilarious take on the typical comedy gangster cliche. In fact, it’s so good that had I pulled my finger out to see and review it in time, it would have featured in my favourite films of 2012. Farrell, Rockwell, Harrelson and Walken make a perfect cast: their characters, all completely unique and equally entertaining, are portrayed with perky conviction. Director McDonagh delivers the difficult task of balancing wit and warmth with crazy and carnage; so much so that I can’t quite believe I haven’t seen In Bruges yet.

Despite its derivative tendencies, Seven Psychopaths is the most refreshing film I’ve seen for some time. Delivering a generous portion of clever dialogue and a lavishly ludicrous body count with a side of sly cinematic commentary, McDonagh successfully pokes fun at pop culture whilst mixing in his own brand of humour. The satisfying story and brilliant one-liners are the cherry and sprinkles on top of this gleefully dark comedy thriller; proving my love of Seven Psychopaths runs much deeper than a cute dog.


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  • Fernando Quintero
    June 24, 2013

    Great review, Amy! Very curious about this one! Loved Farrell in “In Bruges”.

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