American Pie: Reunion Review

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ver ten years since the franchise first graced our screens, American Pie: Reunion (or American Reunion to most) sees the return of all the original characters thirteen years after their high school graduation. I recently revisited the series (the ones that were out at the cinema, at least) to prepare myself for the return of Stifler (Seann William Scott), Jim (Jason Biggs) and, of course, Stifler’s mum (Jennifer Coolidge) in some of their most renowned roles. Actually, for a few of the more forgettable characters (sorry Kevin), their appearance in the American Pie films are their most successful roles to date. As the series got increasingly crude, and with it the jokes less funny and the girls more plastic; I pretty much knew what to expect in this, hopefully, final film from writer Adam Herz

Thirteen years after one of the most iconic group of teenage girls and boys lost their virginity, the friends return to East Great Halls for their high school reunion. American Pie: Reunion is the fourth in the cinematic series, seeing the return of Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), Heather (Mena Suvari) and even Oz (Chris Klein) who somehow managed to get out of attending American Wedding. Over the years that have passed relationships have drifted apart, certain careers have blossomed and children have been brought into the world: Jim and Michelle have a baby, Kevin is a house husband and Oz is a TV sports personality. Are the boys just as close as they used to be, and will old flames ignite lost feelings? If nothing else, at least Jim’s dad’s eyebrows are certain to be entertaining at the least.

Fans of the former American Pie films will no doubt enjoy this latest portion as American Pie: Reunion contains everything that has made the other movies so popular: nudity, toilet humour and complete stupidity. This formula that worked so well the first, and even second time around, is tiresome and just embarrassing. Even though there are some sweet moments, mainly the scenes involving Eugene Levy (Jim’s dad), they are quickly undermined by the most of the actors wooden acting; Tara Reid and Suvari especially.

The same jokes, the same stereotypes and indeed the same soundtrack, American Pie Reunion succeeds in delivering some serious nineties nostalgia; but that’s all. Hopefully this will be the last of the adventures of Jim and company, as not only is the rehashed story now stale; the cast have also proved that they’re no more impressive than they were back in the original trilogy. Although it was nice to check in with the characters to see where they are in life, I’d prefer to reminisce at how good the first American Pie film is and not be reminded at how desperate the producers seem to be to make money.


  • Andina
    May 13, 2012

    Nice to see that you enjoyed this. I also want to see this! Hopefully soon. Thanks for sharing!

    • Amy
      May 13, 2012

      Thanks Andina! I think if you liked the other films, you’ll probably like this one too. Hope that you enjoy it, I’m looking forward to hearing your views :)

  • Dan
    May 13, 2012

    Sorry have to completely disagree, thought it was a great film – but hey how boring would the world be if we agreed all the time? This sort of film doesnt need great acting, nor does the soundtrack really matter. I genuinely think this stands up as a good film. Could be just nostalgia, who knows.

    • Amy
      May 13, 2012

      Thanks for the comment, Dan. I did enjoy it, just didn’t think it compared well to the original when it was all fresh. It did make me laugh, although not quite as much as the rest of the audience (Rob was howling).

  • Mark
    May 20, 2012

    I find it so ironic that a film with that title flopped in the U.S. (it‘s done only half the business of the other films), yet it’s been a huge hit oversees. People here are indifferent to this series. Why do you think it’s so popular over there?

    • Amy
      May 20, 2012

      Thanks for the comment, Mark! I’m not sure; all of them seem to have been successful over here. When we went to see Reunion it was in one of the biggest screens and it was packed. Behind us there were two people about the same age as Rob and I with their parents! So the only thing I can think of is that it appealed to the original fans of the first thing (who were actually old enough to see it first time around and get the jokes, unlike myself!), and it appealed to a new generation who have seen the films and loved them. There has been loads of advertising over here for it though, Seann William Scott has done a lot adverts associated with a channel that largely shows crap to promote it.

      Also, there’s not been an outright comedy released since March (21 Jump St) so I imagine it would appeal to people for that reason too. Especially the teenage audience that go to the cinema to hang out.

      Thanks for the comment Mark!

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